SMSPrime is a Website and Web API that provides bulk messaging capabilities for individuals, groups and corporations who want to deliver mobile content directly to the phones of recipients.

SMSPrime provides innovative ways for content delivery through schedules, dynamic merges, group delivery, and also includes facility that enables interested clients to send other widely required kinds of message types.

SMSPrime as a Web API includes infrastructure that exposes many of its internal functions for developers who want to automate, or “sms-enable” their existing processes or applications.

Most of the features of SMSPrime are summarized below:

  • Web API

    A Web API is typically a defined set of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request messages along with a definition of the structure of response messages, usually expressed in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.

  • Schedules

    SMS Schedules enables you to define multiple messages, and schedule them to be sent at a future date. SMSPrime provides a scheduler that allows to send a birthday or other greetings that you do not want to forget about. The scheduler also allows you to schedule a message for a different time zone.
    All the message types can be scheduled, and the recipient size is also not limited.

  • Dynamic Merges

    Dynamic sms merge coined from the traditional mail merge is a function describing the production of multiple (and potentially large numbers of) messages from a single template and a structured data source.This helps to create personalized messages for bulk sms from a simple interface which contains fixed text, which will be the same in each sms, and variables, which act as placeholders that are replaced by text from the data source.

  • Contacts

    SMSPrime Contacts is your online address book. Use it to store contact information for friends, family, and your professional network.
    The most basic use of Contacts is to make stored contact information accessible, and available to users while composing messages. You can also use it to create groups and lists and numbers and contacts to them for easy manipulation within the online web tools.
    Your SMSPrime Contacts can store thousands of contacts. In addition to being fully searchable, Contacts also gives you lists and groups—an easy way to send messages to thousands of people at once.

  • Wap Push

    A WAP Push is an SMS message which contains a link to a web page. When a compatible handset receives a WAP Push message, it allows the user to access that web content by simply clicking on the link.

  • Business Cards

    A vCard (Business Card) is an electronic (or virtual) business card. It is a powerful new means of allowing users to exchange their personal information with each other. vCards carry vital directory information about the user such as name, address, telephone number, etc. and are an excellent means of including user details within SMS messages.

  • Drafts

    SMSPrime makes available a drafts folder where you can store unfinished work.

    Sometimes you want to save a copy of a message that you’re writing before you send it. For example, you might need to stop in the middle of writing the message to do something else, or you may want to send one version of the message and keep a draft for modifications. You can save a message in progress as a draft in your Drafts folder. Later, you can open the message, finish writing it, and then send it, or even save a newer version to the Drafts folder again. You can also send the message and keep a copy of it in the Drafts folder for further modifications.

  • Sent Messages

    When you send an SMS message, by default SMSPrime automatically saves a copy of the message in the Sent Messages folder for your reference. You can re-edit, re-send, and delete messages in this folder.
    Furthermore, the Sent Messages folder also reflects the status of delivery of any message at any time, and can serve as a trail for observing your message sending patterns.

  • Multi User Modules

    SMSPrime features a very powerful, and effective multi user capability for corporations, and organizations that want to avail themselves of the services that SMSPrime provides throughout the ranks of their internal personnel or otherwise. The multi user module introduces an administrative concept where the superuser can create, and manage multiple unrestricted users who themselves are privileged to use the facilities.

    This feature is only available for corporate accounts.

  • Reports

    Eventaully, on a use-by-use basis, reports are generated for the entire activity on SMSPrime. These reports can help you understand your behavioural patterns as it relates to message transmission to mobile devices (MT).


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