What is SMSPrime?

SMSPrime is an SMS gateway for individuals and corporates, and Web API for developers, who want to avail themselves of the opportunities of reaching clients and contacts directly on their mobile devices. SMSPrime provides simple and complex mobile solutions for third parties.

What is the cost of using it?

SMSPrime at the basic level does not require any form of payment. Payments are only made to buy credits, and to utilize premium services that are offered.

Do I need an account to send messages?

Yes, you need to create an account to avail yourself of both free and premium-based services. To create a new account, please use the "Sign Up" link within the site navigation. You will be prompted for some information with which we will create your account on this website. At the opening of a new account, and succesfull activation, 2 credits will be automatically added to your account with which you can trial the platform.

What are scheduled messages?

Schedule messages allows you to create sms messages that will be sent at future dates.You also provide a date and time at which you want the message to be sent. Messages that are not scheduled are sent immediately.

Which countries are covered in your services?

You can see our coverage and prices here.

What is your pricing like, and how do I buy credits?

You can see the potential cost for buying credits here. We also detail information on how your account can be funded.

Do my credits expire after a certain period?

No, your credits remain intact till the day you want to use them. In fact, you can avail yourself of the discounts associated with buying large SMS volumes.

Can I connect my account with third party applications?

Our premium package offers a Web API with which you can connect with your applications.

In case you are interested in SMPP connection please contact us.

How do I customize my Sender ID?

You can simply delete the entry in FROM field on your SMS Message page (goto NEW and select SMS Message) and replace it with the preferred sender id. kindly note that numeric characters entered in this field has a maximum limit of 16 characters while alphanumeric can contain 11 characters.

For detailed help on user account features on your dashboard click here, you can also send a mail to services@smsprime.com or call 2348153865793


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