At SMSPRIME we appreciate how important mobile marketing is to the success of your business.

We provide great tools to help with mobile marketing!

Great Composition Options

Great Composition Options
  1. Send a wide variety of MT types i.e. flash messages, wap push, business cards, etc
  2. Send dynamically merged individualized messages
  3. Schedule timely messages for the future
  4. Reach bulk recipients within one session

Fabulous Contacts Management

Fabulous Contacts Management
  1. Import thousands of contacts in simple easy steps
  2. Create lists and groups to facilitate sending
  3. Powerful search feature that enables you to quickly find your contacts

Excellent For Organisations

Excellent For Organisations
  1. Single admin, multi user accounts for corporations
  2. Great reporting tools and support to monitor your mobile footprint
  3. Integrated API that lets you "sms-enable" your own applications

SMSPrime is a bulk messaging service that efficiently optimizes the time it takes to send messages to thousands of recipients by allowing you to organize them into groups, lists and schedules.

SMSPrime offers many exciting message types, and introduces a fun way to interact with your leads by delivering content directly to their mobiles: and even if your recipients are more than a few thousands, each message can be personalized without you doing any extra work.

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